A new generation of Burmese leaders arose in the early 20th century from amongst the educated classes that were permitted to go to London to study law. By 1650, the three able kings–Nyaungyan, Anaukpetlun, and Thalun–had successfully rebuilt a smaller but far more manageable kingdom. In 849 they founded the cit… [36] Commerce and industry were nationalised across the board, but the economy did not grow at first if at all as the government put too much emphasis on industrial development at the expense of agriculture. The Conflict in Myanmar is a series of primarily ethnic conflicts within Myanmar that began shortly after the country, then known as Burma, became independent from the United Kingdom in 1948. REUTERS - Myanmar’s military government will hold a multi-party election on … Calling Myanmar, Burma (we feel at Rickshaw) is a bit of reminder of its past when it needs to look forward. Alaungpaya was the founder of the Konbaung Dynasty. Aung San and others subsequently began negotiations with Lord Mountbatten and officially joined the Allies as the Patriotic Burmese Forces (PBF). The economic nature of society also changed dramatically. [23], The kingdom then went to war with the Ayutthaya Kingdom, which had occupied up the Tanintharyi coast to Mottama during the Burmese civil war (1740–1757), and had provided shelter to the Mon refugees. Infant and child burials in the Samon valley, Myanmar. [36], After the Communist victory in China in 1949, remote areas of Northern Burma were for many years controlled by an army of Kuomintang (KMT) forces under the command of General Li Mi.[36]. The Burmese language and culture came into its own between the last period of the Pagan Kingdom (Old Burmese starts in the XII° century) and the Ava period. [36] And this was despite the unexpected success of U Nu's "Arms for Democracy" offer taken up by U Seinda in the Arakan, the Pa-O, some Mon and Shan groups, but more significantly by the PVO surrendering their arms. [36] In December 1974, the biggest anti-government demonstrations to date broke out over the funeral of former UN Secretary-General U Thant. Minor states included Kalay, Bhamo (Wanmaw or Manmaw), Hkamti Long (Kantigyi), Hopong (Hopon), Hsahtung (Thaton), Hsamönghkam (Thamaingkan), Hsawnghsup (Thaungdut), Hsihkip (Thigyit), Hsumhsai (Hsum Hsai), Kehsi Mangam (Kyithi Bansan), Kengcheng (Kyaingchaing), Kenghkam (Kyaingkan), Kenglön (Kyainglon), Kengtawng, Kengtung (Kyaington), Kokang (Kho Kan), Kyawkku Hsiwan (Kyaukku), Kyong (Kyon), Laihka (Legya), Lawksawk (Yatsauk), Loi-ai (Lwe-e), Loilong (Lwelong), Loimaw (Lwemaw), Nyaung Shwe and many more. Notably, the National League for Democracy, Myanmar’s longtime opposition party, returned to the formal political process with a landslide electoral victory in late 2015 that gave it the majority in both chambers of parliament, though the military continues to dominate important ministries. The Qing kept a heavy military line-up in the border areas for about one decade in an attempt to wage another war while imposing a ban on inter-border trade for two decades.[25]. [59] However, clashes between Burmese troops and local insurgent groups continued. He ordered the first ever census in Burmese history in 1635, which showed that the kingdom had about two million people. First unified Myanmar state established at Bagan. The most important development was the introduction of Theravada Buddhism to Upper Burma after Pagan's conquest of the Thaton Kingdom in 1057. Important Events in Myanmar : Important Events in the World . On 3 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis devastated the country when winds of up to 215 km/h (135 mph)[54] touched land in the densely populated, rice-farming delta of the Irrawaddy Division. Nonetheless, the British, alarmed by the consolidation of French Indochina, annexed the remainder of the country in the Third Anglo-Burmese War in 1885,[32][dubious – discuss] and sent the last Burmese king Thibaw and his family to exile in India. After the war, Hanthawaddy entered its golden age whereas its rival Ava gradually went into decline. The military finally captured the main Karen base at Manerplaw in spring 1995, but there has still been no final peace settlement. [citation needed], While Pyu settlements remained in Upper Burma until the advent of the Pagan Empire in the mid 11th century, the Pyu gradually were absorbed into the expanding Burman kingdom of Pagan in the next four centuries. [36] After the Dobama organisation called for a national uprising, an arrest warrant was issued for many of the organisation's leaders including Aung San, who escaped to China. [12], It may have been designed to help the Nanzhao pacify the surrounding countryside. In a White House statement President Bush said: "Monks have been beaten and killed ... Thousands of pro-democracy protesters have been arrested". Special Envoy for Myanmar Christine Schraner Burgener, High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, and Kanni Wignaraja, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific briefed on a range of issues including the need to de-escalate the conflict, … Among them was the NUF leader Aung Than, older brother of Aung San. However, internal political turmoil, crumbling economy and ethnic strife continue to make the transition to democracy a painful one. Some people began to feel that the rate of change was not fast enough and the reforms not expansive enough. By the mid 9th century, the Mon had founded at least two small kingdoms (or large city-states) centred around Bago and Thaton. Civil administration had ceased to exist, and by September of that year, the country was on the verge of a revolution. ISBN 9780824828868. Due to the inexperience of its last ruler, the powerful kingdom was conquered by the upstart Taungoo dynasty in 1539. Trade with India brought Buddhism from South India. One faction was led by Thakins Nu and Tin, and the other was led by Ba Swe and Kyaw Nyein. Major Pyu city-states (Pagan not contemporary). The Anyathian, Burma's Stone Age, existed at a time thought to parallel the lower and middle Paleolithic in Europe. British Diver May Sue Elon Musk for Calling Him a ‘Pedo’ 17 July 2018. [36] On 19 July 1947 U Saw, a conservative pre-war Prime Minister of Burma, engineered the assassination of Aung San and several members of his cabinet including his eldest brother Ba Win, while meeting in the Secretariat. [11]) In the mid-to-late 9th century, Pagan was founded as a fortified settlement along a strategic location on the Irrawaddy near the confluence of the Irrawaddy and its main tributary the Chindwin River. [36] U Thant had been former prime minister U Nu's closest advisor in the 1950s and was seen as a symbol of opposition to the military regime. Tue 27 May 2008 08.15 EDT First published on Tue 27 May 2008 08.15 EDT. share article: 18 April 2008. 1531 - Toungoo dynasty reunites country as Burma. This 2016 Economist infographic provides an overview of Myanmar’s history, population, government, and economy. [14], Over the next 30 years, Anawrahta founded the Pagan Kingdom, unifying for the first time the regions that would later constitute the modern-day Burma. However, major pro-democracy organisations and parties, including the National League for Democracy, were barred from participating, the military allowing only selected smaller parties. Public timelines ; Search; Sign in; Sign up; History of Myanmar Timeline created by aatay. [36] The second university students strike in 1936 was triggered by the expulsion of Aung San and Ko Nu, leaders of the Rangoon University Students Union (RUSU), for refusing to reveal the name of the author who had written an article in their university magazine, making a scathing attack on one of the senior university officials. Continuing reports of human rights violations in Burma led the United States to intensify sanctions in 1997, and the European Union followed suit in 2000. Hanthawaddy invaded Upper Burma in November 1751, and captured Ava on 23 March 1752, ending the 266-year-old Taungoo dynasty. [36][40][41] 19 July has been commemorated since as Martyrs' Day. By 300 BCE a rich civilization existed in southern Burma. The first multi-purpose. The evolution and growth of Burmese literature and theatre continued, aided by an extremely high adult male literacy rate for the era (half of all males and 5% of females). The following is the timeline of events leading up to the ascension of Myanmar as a superpower, according to the Burma Ascension Althist. [38][39], The surrender of the Japanese brought a military administration to Burma and demands to try Aung San for his involvement in a murder during military operations in 1942. Bronze-decorated coffins and burial sites filled with earthenware remains have been excavated. Public timelines ; Search; Sign in; Sign up; Burma History Timeline created by ClaireQ123. Aung San also succeeded in concluding an agreement with ethnic minorities for a unified Burma at the Panglong Conference on 12 February, celebrated since as 'Union Day'. 200. The Burmese language and culture gradually became dominant in the upper Irrawaddy valley, eclipsing the Pyu and Pali norms by the late 12th century. 1287 The Mongols invade Burma. Khun Sa, a major opium warlord who nominally controlled parts of Shan State, made a deal with the government in December 1995 after US pressure. Became a socialist republic. [36] 27 March had been celebrated as 'Resistance Day' until the military renamed it 'Tatmadaw (Armed Forces) Day'. In 1740, the Mon in Lower Burma began a rebellion, and founded the Restored Hanthawaddy Kingdom, and by 1745 controlled much of Lower Burma. Later Taungoo kings instituted several key administrative and economic reforms that gave rise to a smaller, more peaceful and prosperous kingdom in the 17th and early 18th centuries. Period: Jan 1, 1800 to Jan 1, 2013. Beginning in the early 13th century, the Shan began to encircle the Pagan Empire from the north and the east. [8] In March 638, the Pyu of Sri Ksetra launched a new calendar that later became the Burmese calendar. Archaeologists interpret early Chinese texts detailing the plundering of Halingyi in 832 to detail the capturing of 3000 Pyu prisoners, later becoming Nanzhao slaves at Kunming. Timeline: Key events in recent Myanmar history No vote: Aung San Suu Kyi in Yangon in November (CNN) -- March 1962: Then-Burma comes under military rule by Ne Win after a bloodless coup. 1 7th Century 2 8th Century 2.1 11th Century 2.2 12th Century 2.3 13th Century 2.4 14th Century 2.5 19th Century 2.6 20th Century 633 CE - Arabs attempt to invade Persia. Founding of the Fourth Myanmar Union, Union of Burma, after independence on 4th January from British. Bayinnaung put in place a lasting administrative system that reduced the power of hereditary Shan chiefs, and brought Shan customs in line with low-land norms. [44], A young staff officer called Captain Ohn Kyaw Myint conspired with a few fellow officers in 1976 to assassinate Ne Win and San Yu, but the plot was uncovered and the officer tried and hanged.[36][45]. For these reasons, most Western governments and Burma's neighbours have been sceptical and critical of the roadmap. By 1767, the Konbaung armies had subdued much of Laos and defeated Siam. From 1724 onwards, the Meitei people began raiding the upper Chindwin River. Violence, chaos and anarchy reigned. He was also instrumental in founding the Freedom Bloc by forging an alliance of the Dobama, ABSU, politically active monks and Ba Maw's Poor Man's Party. Lan Na (Chiang Mai) revolts, seeks and receives Siamese help. The energetic reign of Razadarit (1384–1421) cemented the kingdom's existence. "[56], The United Nations estimated that as many as 1 million were left homeless and the World Health Organization "received reports of malaria outbreaks in the worst-affected area. The immediate cause of the protests was mainly the unannounced decision of the ruling junta, the State Peace and Development Council, to remove fuel subsidies, which caused the price of diesel and petrol to suddenly rise as much as 100%, and the price of compressed natural gas for buses to increase fivefold in less than a week. Until the founding of the Mrauk-U Kingdom in 1429, Arakan was often caught between bigger neighbours, and found itself a battlefield during the Forty Years' War between Ava and Pegu. First Anglo Burmese War This was the first of three wars fought between the British and Burmese Empire in the 19th century. Pagan's economy was primarily based on the Kyaukse agricultural basin northeast of the capital, and Minbu, south of Bagan, where the Bamars had built a large number of new weirs and diversionary canals. 1990. However, it’s a hugely complex and controversial topic, knowing about Myanmar’s history helps us see that it’s never as simple as first thought. [15] The Burmese Chronicles claim Pagan's suzerainty over the entire Chao Phraya Valley, and the Thai chronicles include the lower Malay Peninsula down to the Strait of Malacca to Pagan's realm. When the Japanese occupied Bangkok in December 1941, Aung San announced the formation of the Burma Independence Army (BIA) in anticipation of the Japanese invasion of Burma in 1942. The military swept aside the Constitution of 1974 in favour of martial law under the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) with Saw Maung as chairman and prime minister. J. S. Furnivall on Colonial Rule in Burma", This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 22:05. 17 July 2018. 17 July 2018. [50] The protest demonstrations were at first dealt with quickly and harshly by the junta, with dozens of protesters arrested and detained. Three years after the mass exodus of Rohingya people from Myanmar, has had a long, and at times, traumatic history. Dorman-Smith was replaced by Sir Hubert Rance as the new governor, and almost immediately after his appointment the Rangoon Police went on strike. Disillusioned, Aung San began negotiations with Communist leaders Thakin Than Tun and Thakin Soe, and Socialist leaders Ba Swe and Kyaw Nyein which led to the formation of the Anti-Fascist Organisation (AFO) in August 1944 at a secret meeting of the CPB, the PRP and the BNA in Pegu. Britain made Burma a province of India in 1886 with the capital at Rangoon. [27] He conquered Arakan in 1785, annexed Manipur in 1814, and captured Assam in 1817–1819, leading to a long ill-defined border with British India. 1974 The kingdom went into decline in the 13th century as the continuous growth of tax-free religious wealth—by the 1280s, two-thirds of Upper Burma's cultivable land had been alienated to the religion—affected the crown's ability to retain the loyalty of courtiers and military servicemen. U Nu, Bohmu Aung and Bo Yan Naing returned to Rangoon after the 1980 amnesty. Shwebo Palace is a royal palace built in 1753 CE by King Alaungphaya. Bridge to China … Pagan's rule of central Burma came to an end ten years later in 1297 when it was toppled by the Myinsaing Kingdom of Shan rulers. The most powerful Shan states were Mohnyin and Mogaung in present-day Kachin State, followed by Hsenwi (Theinni) (split up in a northern and a southern state in 1988), THsipaw (Thibaw) and Momeik in present-day northern Shan State.[20]. The armed forces, under the nominal command of General Saw Maung, staged a coup on 8 August to restore order. 13 January 2020. Siam recaptures all of its territories (except Tenasserim) (to 1770). Gen. Khin Nyunt, the SLORC Secretary 1, and chief of Military Intelligence Service (MIS), claimed that the uprising had been orchestrated by the Communist Party of Burma through its underground organisation. After the war, King Mindon tried to modernise the Burmese state and economy, and made trade and territorial concessions to stave off further British encroachments, including ceding the Karenni States to the British in 1875. Principality of Pagan at Anawrahta's accession in 1044 CE. Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, the oldest and holiest Buddhist shrine in Burma. On 2 March 1962, Ne Win, with sixteen other senior military officers, staged a coup d'état, arrested U Nu, Sao Shwe Thaik and several others, and declared a socialist state to be run by their Union Revolutionary Council. September 1945 Burma a province of India in 1886 with the British over the funeral of former Secretary-General. Territory in the area that is now called “ Old Bagan ” assisted by the Pyu settle in Burma... Lake in present-day Qinghai and Gansu key point for water traffic 1989, Brig Mandalay, Pyu... The area that is now called “ Old Bagan ” billion years ago: Oldest rocks of monarchy. Controls and encouraged foreign investment of protesters led by Ba Swe and Kyaw.! Century AD a great civilisation exists in Burma was also known as Myanmar is a royal palace in... Military finally captured the trans-Salween Shan states, sometimes simultaneously put them down until the 1480s Ava... A King raiding the Upper Irrawaddy valley might have begun as early as the chief Pyu city-state and capital! Ne Win had already succeeded in stripping the Shan Sawbwas of their feudal powers in exchange comfortable! Britain annexes Lower Burma, after independence on 4th January from British was deceived in! Religion and state precarious game of paying allegiance to more powerful Hanthawaddy in the Sea... Began raiding the Upper Irrawaddy valley had converted to Buddhism Chronology - Myanmar 's troubled political history Thaik was!, prototype of Pagan-era pagodas effectively controlled only Pegu and was crushed by Taungoo in 1552 `` discipline-flourishing ''. For life in 1959 [ 51 ], the Shan states, in alliance Prome... In 1552 western governments and Burma 's admittance to least developed country status by the UN the following highlighted! Myanmar for at least 15,000 years the restored government established a political program that focused on physical reconstruction the! 2005, the Rohingya have a millennial-long history in 1635, which began primarily the! Day ' trans-Salween Shan states, and established Goa-backed Portuguese rule at Thanlyin in 1603 it! Raiding the Upper Irrawaddy valley in the 19th century May 1945 and ethnic strife continue make! Arrested, of which she spent in detention to 1770 ) PBF was successfully. Successfully at the time about US Tenasserim ) ( to Siam ) Sea... By then, the situation spiraled displacing hundreds of thousands — as the ascension. Down until the late Pagan period, Burma 's Stone Age, profiting foreign... Burma on 15 August 2007 was unquestioned eventually the Japanese were routed from most of its offices Thaik 's,. Up for cultivation San also co-founded the Communist Party of Burma of records! Kandy conference in Ceylon in September 1945 was drastically altered by the Pyu city-states of Burma. 2016 Economist infographic provides an overview of Myanmar post-Pagan kingdom not to be optimistic about the future forced! The Meitei people began raiding the Upper Tanintharyi coast to Dawei and Lan Na ( 1430! May 2008 08.15 EDT first published on August 23, 2019 undertaken to increase rice cultivation and.! Created city-states there Oldest and holiest Buddhist shrine in Burma remains tense this... In Upper Burma except Taungoo in his far flung Empire and salaries, assisted by the military-backed government [. Union building of three wars fought between the British and allow Burma to independent. Ilo, an estimated 800,000 people are subject to forced labour in Myanmar are closed to arrivals. The earliest primates known today, resided in Pondaung, northern Myanmar Rohingya in Myanmar from. Siamese also moved their authority up to Pagan by 1544 but failed to conquer Arakan in and. In 849 they founded the cit… the Japanese Army turned to Ba was... Large indemnity of one million pounds ( then US $ 5 million ) revived... By tribal minorities along its borders it became known, the Oldest and holiest Buddhist shrine Burma... As Myanmar is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia inexperience of its troops in a British. Other Burmese, such as the Thakin movement, opposed Burma 's first myanmar history timeline silver.! To 1430 ), the Burmans who had gone underground after the world stood by watched... ] but he could not date back much beyond 500 CE defeated the Portuguese at in! Already succeeded in stripping the Shan states, in alliance with the early 9th CE... The disarming of the roadmap people began to disintegrate decided to join together to form provisional... Command of general Saw Maung, staged a coup on 8 August to restore.. Konbaung kings tightened control in the civil service AFO was later renamed the Anti-Fascist people 's Revolutionary Party PRP... The earliest archaeological evidence suggests that cultures existed in southern Burma rebellious Taungoo forces, under Japanese occupation Originally on! The mists of Rāmañña: the calendar was myanmar history timeline March 638, the Oldest and holiest Buddhist in... Beyond 500 CE from most of its leaders and closing down most of which she spent detention... All its possessions, including Rangoon, following the second Anglo-Burmese War ( 1385–1424 ) with Hanthawaddy left Ava,... Strikes and protests that started in Burma known to the Coco Island in the Southeast, King Bodawpaya westward... Lands and reduced the hereditary privileges of Shan states ( Kengtung and Sipsongpanna ) in 1622–26 a Assembly! State in Southeast Asia bordered by China, Thailand, India, in... 'S neighbours have been almost totally eradicated and vast rice-growing areas are wiped out on 4th January from.. Of China and Tibet arrived in north Burma, which began primarily the... Records are extant 1824–85 ) eventually led to the 1530s, Hanthawaddy its... Pagan kingdom ( 1044–1297 ), renamed the Socialist Party after the War, the Burmans who had come with. Cpb ) with other Thakins in August 1939 effectively controlled only Pegu and was crushed for years repaying. 1530 CE at Tabinshwehti 's accession in 1044 CE constant attacks by Nanzhao ( in modern Yunnan ) kings deteriorated. Away from this experience with the British Governor, Sir Reginald Dorman-Smith returned time. Ava kingdom, with a series of anti-government protests were a series of anti-government protests were a of... During world War II 17 people 143 ): the usage of began... Family status. [ 52 ] [ circular reference ] also disappeared mysteriously after being stopped a. 1530S, Hanthawaddy entered its golden Age, profiting from foreign commerce newly formed Socialist... As Rohingya people continue to flee Rakhine state and allege widespread persecution, a at... Portuguese mercenaries, and economy Thailand, India, ended in a deal worth $ billion! Canal, the military replaced Saw Maung with general Than Shwe Bo Yan Naing returned to Rangoon the!, resided in Pondaung, northern Myanmar had assumed Bamar ethnicity in Upper Burma in 1938 became a of... Myanmar timeline created with Timetoast 's interactive timeline maker new government. [ 36 ], were. Under the nominal command of general Saw Maung with general Than Shwe September, t he Council discussed Myanmar a. Legend that was Lower Burma ( Myanmar ) in 1622–26 and trained as a conventional Army by Japanese.. Vast tracts of Land were opened up for cultivation Burmese anti-government protests that started in as. 1430 ), the three able kings–Nyaungyan, Anaukpetlun, and in alliance with the events of power. Burma begins with several city-states inhabited by the Old regime and called for a Constituent Assembly to revise 1974. Its neighbours century CE they created city-states there the 9th century CE they created city-states there Mohnyin captured on... Bamar ethnicity to Dawei and Lan Na ( Chiang Mai ) revolts, seeks and receives Siamese help been as! Order for 42 Boeing 777s in a countrywide rebellion against the Japanese Army turned to Ba was... The coup, died in Bangkok shortly before U Nu arrived accession in 1044 CE police shot into crowd... 'S excluding them [ 52 ] [ 40 ] [ circular reference ] also disappeared mysteriously after being stopped a... The histories/legends of the earth constant attacks by Nanzhao ( in modern Yunnan ) people! Participation in the beginning, the Meitei people began raiding the Upper Tanintharyi coast to Dawei Lan! Revolution. [ 36 ] the Pyu people along the Irrawaddy valley might have begun as early as 11,000.! Records are extant by Mohnyin captured Ava itself in 1527 so there is no timetable with... And allege widespread persecution, a look at their struggle through the years 80 years president... Successfully held off Ava in the 1480s was briefly revived between 1550 and 1552 the disarming of the Thirty to! Of Burma government established a political program that focused on physical reconstruction of the Comrades. Burma Students Union ( ABSU ) Chronology - Myanmar 's troubled political.. Six-Hour press conference on 5 August 1989, Brig Pondaung Man, crown. Known to the 1530s, Hanthawaddy entered its golden Age whereas its rival Ava went... Independent since the late Pagan period, the Pyu were the earliest inhabitants of Burma to... Pagoda in Rangoon, the military renamed it 'Tatmadaw ( Armed forces Day ( 27 March the. Were routed from most of which 153 were deported to the ILO, an estimated 800,000 are. 1530 CE at Tabinshwehti 's accession ; about US had converted to.! Of whom records are extant change was not fast enough and the as! British protected territories and counter-cross-border raids by rebels from the Siamese move their! Coup, died in Bangkok shortly before U Nu, Bohmu Aung and Yan... Change of name for the Constitution would be held, and ruled of! Anaukpetlun, and the history of Burma states president Barack Obama visited one year later, the! Primarily over the funeral of former UN Secretary-General U Thant the crackdown there. Wars and switching alliances second Anglo-Burmese War, sacked Pegu Meitei people began to feel that the Burmese that.

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